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The Vézère Valley, a destination for flower lovers

The rural identity of Dordogne is characterized by a vast range of landscapes, from valleys to vineyards, limestone plateau to large forests. Land of history and culture, the county also offers a high quality landscaped environment. It was awarded the "Departement fleuri" label (Flowered département) in 2017.

The Vézère Valley is not left out : 2 villages were awarded the "Villes et villages fleuris" label (Flowered cities and villages). You will find there a peaceful atmosphere, a preserved identity, parks and gardens and events on the theme of gardening.

  • Fanlac - Villes et villages fleuris 1 flower : picturesque and authentic village with its stone-covered houses, it was made famous by the shooting of the film "Jacquou le Croquant" based on the novel by Eugène Leroy.
  • Limeuil - Villes et villages fleuris 1 flower : ranked among the most beautiful villages in France, it is located at the confluence of the Dordogne and Vézère rivers. The city centre welcomes you in a medieval atmosphere, with its steep alleys and craftsmen. At the top, you will have the opportunity to visit the Jardins panoramiques de Limeuil.

Additionally, the following villages were also rewarded in the local contest of 2017 :

  • Les Eyzies de Tayac : 1st prize for less than 1000 inhabitants cities
  • Saint Léon sur Vézère : 1st prize for less than 1000 inhabitants cities, the gardener in charge of the village was also awarded the "price of the best gardener"
  • Plazac : 2nd prize for less than 1000 inhabitants cities
  • Le Bugue : 2nd prize for 1000-5000 inhabitants cities

The medieval garden of Plazac was awarded the 1st prize in the category "most beautiful volunteers garden" in the local contest. Since 2017, the Garden Festival brings together craftsmen, artists, plant producers and workshops.

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les Eyzies, Vallée Vézère ©A.Borderie
les Eyzies, Vallée Vézère ©A.Borderie