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A beautiful autumn in Vézère valley ...

Every season has its charm … and autumn especially !

The Vezere valley is situated into the Black Perigord : a lot of forest are in this south-west part of Dordogne.
That's why you have to come for our blushing landscapes, trees take on gorgeous colours before losing their leaves. Of course, the best way to discover our sumptuous forest is walking on pathway. Wonderful, the Vézère valley has numerous ! 

But if you prefer to stay into your vehicle, winding roads are waiting you just to admire our land. 

It's good to come in autumn also to savour our products and local dishes sush as mique, tourain or beautiful nut pies. If you don't know how to prepare, read these recipes or you will find it at the menu into our local restaurant.


If you want more information, tourist offices are open and welcome you with pleasure to give you some advices about events, accomodation and sightseeing.  



Automne en Vallée Vézère ©A.Borderie
Automne en Vallée Vézère ©A.Borderie
Autumn in Vezere valley