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The biosphere reserve

The whole Dordogne watershed, which includes the Vezere valley, has been designated Biosphere reserve by the UNESCO on 11th July 2012. On this occasion, the Dordogne watershed has integrated the Word Network of Biosphere Reserves which gathers 631 sites of excellence around the world.

What's a Biosphere Reserve ?

Biosphere Reserves harmonize conservation of biological and cultural diversity, and economic and social development, through partnerships between people and nature. They also contribute to the transition to green societies by experimenting with green development options such as sustainable tourism and training for eco-jobs. But firstly, they are a living territory in which we try to understand our heritage to create our future as best as possible.

What does the designation by UNESCO mean ?

The designation as a Biosphere reserve acknowledges the Dordogne watershed as a territory where sustainable development and nature conservation are a major concern and imply local dwellers, enterprises and local communities in a common effort. It also suggests a certain degree of harmony between nature and the men who have inhabited, used, managed, dreamt of it... without irremediably spoiling it.

It can be seen as an approval of our past efforts and a wonderful opportunity to anticipate the future. It's also an invitation to pursue the efforts and find innovative ways of development, in respect of the biological and cultural diversity of the territory.


More information on : https://biosphere-bassin-dordogne.fr/

Le cingle de la Vézère à Tursac
Le cingle de la Vézère à Tursac