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In the heart of the Black Périgord, The Vézère river, is the birthplace of the Human History.Numerous species of fishes can be found in the river such as white fishes (roach, bleak, chub) and carnivores (pike, pike perch, perch).


To be allowed to angle in the river or in a stretch of smooth water,you have to respect the  following conditions:
-Being a member of the association  "Agréée pour la Pêche et la Protection du Milieu Aquatique"(AAPPMA)
-Paying dues to "Pêche et Milieu Aquatique" (CPMA)

 River of the 1st   category :  You find some  salmonids (trout and salmon)
River of the  2nd pisicultural category: You find some cyprinids (white fishes and carnivores)

A fishing licence is available in various establishments


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