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International Festival of Montignac

Every year, the town of Montignac situated in the Vézère Valley is in charge of organizing the “International Dance and Music festival. Discovery and Friendship are the key words to define this Festival.
Artists from all over the world come to this town where Art originated… (Lascaux cave). The streets are overwhelmed with artists who unveil their cultural wealth and their extraordinary talent to the tourists. Some shows are presented in the area of Montignac (for instance Saint Léon sur Vézère)

Beyond the cultural aspect, the international festival of Montignac is an opportunity to discover Art and some aspects of the World Culture attending some lectures and visiting exhibitions.

Every year, about 20.000 people take part in several actions offered by the International Festival of Montignac.

It is one of the most important events of the cultural life in Périgord.

Festival de Montignac "Cultures aux coeurs"
Festival de Montignac "Cultures aux coeurs"


Festival de Montignac – espace Nelson Mandela - BP8 – 24290 MONTIGNAC
Tél : - a-l-m2@wanadoo.fr

Fin juillet, danses, chants, spectacles, animations de rues à Montignac - Lascaux.