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Montignac - Lascaux

Holidays at Montignac-Lascaux by the tourist office of Dordogne

Little history of Montignac

The history of the city is combined with that of humanity.
Indeed, Montignac was occupied from the palaeolithic and then colonized by the Romans : villas of Olivoux (at Le Chambon) and of Brenac.

In the early Middle Ages until the tenth century is attested to the existence of a fortress through marriage to the Count of Perigord in the next century and became an important stronghold. The latest counts, Archambaud V and VI, because of inequitable conduct, will have their property confiscated by a decree of the Parliament of Paris. Montignac back to Louis d'Orleans, brother of Charles VI, who, taken prisoner at Agincourt, the city sells to Jean de Blois to pay his ransom. Passed by marriage to the family of Albert, the castellany will remain until 1603, when Henri IV to the yields of François Hautefort lord of Thenon. Dismantled several times during the wars, the castle was destroyed in 1825.
However a tower and infrastructure still remain.

In 1580, the bridge had been burnt by Protestants to protect their pension, and was rebuilt and then carried away by floods in 1620.
The current bridge, built between 1766 and 1777, replaced a "bac" : kind of boat used for 150 years to cross the river.

The town was composed of 2 sides. On the right bank, the area took place to diocese of Périgueux and on the left bank, there was the parish of Brenac and took place to the diocese of Sarlat. We find some houses built on stilts on the medieval narrow streets. The Town has a religious heritage with the several convents and the priory...

Eugène le Roy, the author of « Jacqou le Croquant », the  moralist Joseph Joubert and the writer of fables Pierre Lachambaudie...are famous people of Montignac.

Prehistory mother has also inherited of Lascaux cave, discovered on the 12th September 1940 and the deposit of the Regourdou. 2 of the most famous sites of the Vezere valley.

Activities for everyone

The city contains one of the jewels of cave art: the Lascaux cave. You will be able to visit to 200 meters of the original, the facsimile, named "Lascaux 2", which opened its doors on July 18, 1983. And since December 2016, Lascaux-Center International of parietal art, a complete and unpublished replica retraces the discovery of the famous ornate cave.
Not far from the original cave, come to discover the Site of Le Regourdou . You will make a fascinating trip in the past, to discover the Neanderthal man with his sinkhole, his deposit, his living bear park, and his museum.
Nestled upstream of the Vézère valley, Montignac is the ideal starting point for a canoe trip on the Vézère. For the more sporty, 44km await you to the village of Limeuil.

Montignac and its area offer numerous walking tours and several activities (mountain bike for example) to entertain the public and get the culture accessible.

You are looking for a guided tour of the village? Download the circuit commented by one of the most famous storytellers of the Périgord of Montignac directly on your smartphones (on Android or Itunes).
Geocachers friends, a poï'z is hiding in the village of Montignac! Download the application Tèrra Aventura quickly!

An alive village

Plenty of events all along the year :

march : the day of trees, woods and flowers
april : photography festival "Clic Clac"
july : the International Festival of Montignac (dance and world music)
july to october : Festival of the Black Périgord (classic music)
september : "Festival de la Récup" (ecolo festival)
novembre : Documenterre Festival (ecological movies festival) and "Les Contes du Lébérou" ( old perigordian stories telling by a specialist of our region)


enlightened Camping car service area next to the river and the city center.
enlightened Gourmet market every monday night during the summer
enlightened The swimming-pool

Montignac ©Myriam.G
Montignac ©Myriam.G


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