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Sergeac • Dordogne

Holidays at Sergeac by the tourist Dordogne

Take the time to discover it…

Sergeac is a charming town located on the edge of the Vézère river, 5 km south of Montignac-Lascaux.
Bordered by high cliffs, the village is home to many prehistoric sites. Entering the village, you will not miss the monumental cross "hosannière".
In the center of the village, the beautiful fortified round tower of the Cramirat castle which served for a long time as a residence for the Master Preceptors of the Sergeac Templar Community, until their annihilation on October 13, 1307, still remains.
The Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem, heirs in 1312 of the Commandery of Sergeac, restored a community and installed in 1316 their commander, Guillaume de Crémirac, in the castle, which became the "Hospital Cramiraco" after being fortified.

A rich prehistoric past

Well before the Templar Knights, the site of Sergeac was a place appreciated by the Prehistoric Men, as evidenced by the Castel merle site. This site is home to one of the highest concentration of deposits in Europe with no less than 10 rock shelters, occupied by the Neanderthal Man 85 000 years ago, then by the Cro-Magnon Man 35 000 years ago. Each year, the Festival Origine is held on the site in June.

Outdoor activities 

Beautiful getaways are waiting for you around Sergeac !
Several walks will allow you to discover the Vézère Valley through trails that take you to the meeting of nature, history, culture, heritage. Remember that these loops can be attended by other practices, namely horseback riding and mountain biking.
Two loops of about 2 hours start in the village :

Boucle des cabanes
- Boucle des Brandes 



Croix hisanniere sergeac


Townhall of Sergeac
Le Bourg
24290 Sergeac
Phone: 05 53 50 77 80 :
Mail: mairie.sergeac@wanadoo.fr