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Thonac • Dordogne

Holidays at Thonac by tourist offices of Dordogne

Take the time to discover Thonac

Stopover village located between Montignac-Lascaux and Les Eyzies, Thonac is a must for those who let themselves be peacefully carried by the valley of the Vézère.
An alley of plane trees will take you directly to the old town with its sober and imposing steeple-walled church.
Enter without fear in the nave where a virgin with the child in polychrome wood of the 12th, anonymous work, is jealously guarded.
Let's not forget that Yvon Delbos, journalist and politician, raised to the rank of minister was born in 1885 in a house of this village.

Outdoor activities 

The wooded and hilly territory is also crossed by a creek : the Thonac which feeds 4 mills.
The pond of Fongran with its 2.5 ha welcomes you in a natural setting and offers you a pleasant moment of relaxation, whether you are a fisherman or simply to walk there. The visitor, if he takes the time of discovery, will live a dive in the past.
2 loops of hikes invite you to discover this rural territory:

- La boucle des étangs de Fon Gran
- La boucle de Maillol

From Prehistory to Renaissance

Going up the hill, visit the Prehistoric Art Center: Le Thot, which presents all the facets of the daily life of Homo sapiens and its vital link with the animal world.
The village also opens onto the mighty Château de Losse (listed as a historic monument), which has long dominated the Thonac lands. The town has now adopted the coat of arms of the family.


enlightened Chateau de Belcayre (unopened to the public)
enlightened Château de la Vermondie (unopened to the public)


Village de Thonac ©ALR
Village de Thonac ©ALR


Le Bourg
24290 Thonac
Tel : 05 53 50 79 81
Mail : mairie.thonac@wanadoo.fr
Website : www.thonac.fr

Découvrez le Château de Losse à Thonac