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When the weather is bad ...

                                                                                                   Icone Pluie qui tombe

It's rainy or clowds are freakish , thanks to our agenda , discover all you can do! During summer but also in winter!

You could visit Prehistoric caves or Natural ones, temperature is always constant, more or less 13°C.

You could learn into museum :
-At the Thot you will discover exclusive drawings of Lascaux I and its augmented reality animations.
-At the National Museum of Prehistory you will learn more about prehistoric men and their quotidian life.
-At the Filature de Belvès you will know how to make wool.

You could spend time into Aquarium, the biggest with freshwater fish. And this year, you can also have fun into the Prehistoric Labyrinth, the next door.

You could enter into a troglodyte site like La Roque Saint-Christophe, you will know how men built a village into the rock.

You could taste a local unknown speciality : snails! Discover before Terre d'escargots or l'Escargot du Queylou.

And if the weather is really bad, you could spend a moment at the cinema: VOX, situated at Montignac.