Take to the skies, in silence and in the air - it's an unforgettable experience that you can enjoy in the Dordogne, with your family or as a romantic getaway! Admire the beauty of this region of France as you discover the castles of Castelnaud, Beynac and Hautefort, and the villages of Les Eyzies, Le Bugue and Limeuil, during a flight at sunrise or sunset... It's a dream that we suggest you live during your next stay with us, in the Périgord Noir. And why not offer this gift to your nearest and dearest? It's one of travellers' favourite activities.

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Périgord Dordogne Hot-air balloons

How do you organise a hot-air balloon flight in the Vézère valley in the Dordogne?

These hot-air balloon flights to discover the beauties of Périgord require a bit of organisation. But the teams both on board the balloon and on land are keen to reveal all the nuggets of our valley to you, during your visit. a maiden flightfor example.

The weather forecast for taking to the skies above the Vézère valley 

Hot Air Balloon©Périgord Dordogne Montgolfière
Périgord Dordogne Hot Air Balloon

So that this balloon and its basket can rise into the air, specific climatic conditions are required.


That's right, thefts hot-air balloons cannot take place for example, winds in excess of 20 km/h. It's important to remember that speed on the ground and in the air are not the same: your pilot will decide whether to maintain the balloon flight or postpone it to a later day. The balloon team validates the place and time of the flight 24 to 48 hours before departure.

What should you wear for a hot-air balloon flight in the Vézère valley?

Even if you're just flying, you still need to proper footwear on board the hot-air balloon: forget heels or bare feet, opt instead for hiking boots or tennis. The reason? You're going to land in a meadow or a field but rarely on a golf course! This activity is an experiencewhich we don't think you'll forget. But rest assured, all the safety conditions have been respected.

There's no draught when you're flying, because you're following the wind, but a jumper see a coat at the time of landing or preparation may be necessary, especially when it is early in the morning. The burners in the nacelle, on the other hand, are used for heating.

One last thing to know: you don't have no need for a parachute during your flight! 

What sites in the Dordogne can you admire from a hot-air balloon?

Throughout the flight, depending on the wind direction, you will be able to see in the distance Sarlat or the villages of the Vézère valley. But did you know that the Château des Milandes is one of departure points for trips in a hot-air balloon? A great way to visit this unique site.

The valley of the Dordogne castles

You will have the chance to contemplate the wonders of the Vézère valley in the Dordogne and in particular its emblematic monumentsaboard a hot-air balloon. Commarque Castle but also Losse Castle or Château Monrecournear La Roque-Gageac! 

The gardens of Marqueyssac

What a pleasure to looking down from the sky also Marqueyssac gardens on a balloon flight. In our opinion, it's such an original experience and activity for admire these gardens du Périgord, from above !

Breathtaking landscapes in the Périgord Noir

In addition to the châteaux, this christening is also an opportunity for passengers to admire the valleys, hilltop villages of this little corner of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. There's no doubt that as you gain altitude, you'll be amazed by the beauty of the Dordogne and the Vézère valley.

The different categories of hot-air balloon flights in the Vézère valley in the Dordogne

You want to contemplate the castles but also the landscapes of Périgord ? There's just one question left to ask: which flight would you like to book? 

These journeys in the air can be offered duo with your lover over the Commarque site.

You may also prefer a more spacious carrycot for your family and friends. a private flight. The pilot is there to inform you about the different landscapes and castles you are flying over, but can also be more discreet and let you daydream...

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