The Vézère Valley in the Dordogne is bursting with outdoor activities. For nature lovers, its landscapes and environment are renowned for their richness and diversity. Caves, castles and fishing - you'll be spoilt for choice! Rivers, streams and ponds are home to many amateur and professional anglers. Whether you're a family or an amateur, try your hand at fishing in the Vézère valley in the Dordogne. Here are the best spots for unforgettable fishing memories. Périgord.

Why fish in the Vézère valley in the Dordogne?

The Vézère Valley in the Dordogne offers anglers a variety of speciesYou'll find trout, pike, pike-perch and roach in some of the most spectacular scenery in France. Every year, the Vézère valley is transformed into a playground for novice and experienced anglers alike. The clear water is up to 3 m deep. Quiet and unobtrusive are the key to great fishing!

Fishing, an activity for everyone

3 fishing routes have been accredited to ensure the best possible experience for each individual:

  • Discovery" course for beginners who want to try their hand at fishing; 
  • Family" route for those who want to spend some quality time together. relaxation ;
  • Passion" course, for the specialists fishing for river or pond fish.

The streams and rivers are classified as piscicultural categories:

  • La 1re category includes salmonids such as char, grayling and trout.
  • La 2from category includes water bodies and all other canals and watercourses. 

Unmissable fishing spots in the Dordogne

The Périgord offers anglers a wide variety of sites. Whether you're interested in fly fishing or more traditional reel techniques, here's a guide to the best spots. emblematic places in the Dordogne.

The valleys

As well as those of the Dordogne and Isle rivers, think of the Vézère valley. The river meanders along steep cliffs and wooded valleys, immediately transporting you to another world. 

The gorges

Discover the magnificent Saut Ruban waterfall in the Auvézère river, whose clear, limpid water demands discretion.

Ponds and lakes

Tease fish on a large body of water, particularly in :

  • Le Bos ;
  • Tamniès ;
  • Saint-Estèphe ;
  • Fongran ;
  • Firbeix ;
  • Neufont ;
  • La Ganne ;
  • La Nette ;
  • Le Lescouroux.

Thanks to the signposted paths, you can access the best fishing areas. The aquatic ecosystems are rich in a wide variety of fish and plants.

What are the special features of fishing in the Dordogne?

The Dordogne is a pioneer in species renewal. Fishing regulations are therefore strictly supervised to ensure the preservation of water and the environment.

Good to know:

The fishing area is divided into 2 categories. The public domain includes several rivers: the Isle, the Vézère and the Dordogne. If you fish anywhere other than one of these three rivers, it may be a private domain! 


Fishing regulations in the Dordogne

It is therefore important to pay attention to respect certain rules :

  • temporary and permanent reserve areas;
  • legal fishing hours ;
  • the opening period ;
  • navigation sectors.

A fishing licence is compulsory. The price of this card is set by the Dordogne departmental fishing federation. It varies according to age and category. For 2023, the cost of a card is :

  • adult: €80 
  • inter-federal adult: €105
  • minors: €22
  • discovery: €7
  • daily: €15
  • weekly: €34

Fish from the Vézère and Dordogne rivers

These two rivers are mainly used by migratory fish. You'll enjoy fishing here:

  • Salmonids (trout and salmon);
  • white fish (carp and roach)
  • carnivores (pike, zander, catfish)
  • lamprey, shad, bleak or eel.

These 2from category impose minimum sizes:

  • 60 cm for pike ;
  • 15 cm for perch ;
  • 50 cm for zander.

Equipment adapted to each audience

To each his own! Whether you're fishing for pleasure or for sport, you'll find plenty of shops selling fishing tackle for rivers and ponds:

  • canes ;
  • reels ;
  • lures ;
  • bait ;
  • all kinds of accessories.

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned angler, you should be able to find what you need without difficulty. 

Fishing in the Vézère valley in the Dordogne is a very enjoyable activity, accessible to everyone. After discovering the caves and numerous castles of the Périgord Noir, fishing is the perfect way to round off your week's holiday. It's an opportunity to make some unique memories in an exceptional setting. With its many rivers, category 1 lakes and nature parks, the Dordogne offers a huge choice of different fishing spots. Whether you're looking for river or pond fish, you're sure to find a place to suit your tastes.

More info

Visit the Lascaux-Dordogne, Vézère Valley tourist office for full documentation on fishing in the Dordogne.

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