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Our prehistoric ancestors set the tone for artistic creativity. The countless engravings, paintings, sculptures and jewellery left in their wake make the Vézère Valley an indisputable source of inspiration. Even today, many artists and craftsmen of varied talents open their workshops to share their know-how and inventiveness with us.

Art and craft in the Dordogne

In the Dordogne, many trades are grouped together under the heading of arts and crafts. And why is that? Because for years the Périgord has established itself as a land of welcome for craftspeople in general. All these creators are waiting to share their passion and their creations with you.

A rich and diverse range of arts and crafts

There is a wide range of arts and crafts in the Dordogne. Pottery, ceramics, basketry, tapestry, cutlery, ironwork, leather goods, jewellery, wood carving, painting on porcelain, lace, the glassworks, the mosaic and painting on glass are among the most popular trades in the region.

Meet the craftspeople of the Vézère Valley

When you visit the Dordogne, you can discover local arts and crafts by exploring the many markets, fairs and festivals which take place throughout the year. You can also visit craft workshops to see their work and learn more about their trade.

Visit some villages where you can find local craftsmen and women

The work of craftsmen in the Dordogne

The Dordogne's craftsmen and women have long been renowned for their talent and ingenuity. They put their expertise in a variety of fields: pottery, glassmaking, jewellery, sculpture, cooking, etc. These craftsmen often use local materialsThey use materials such as clay, wood and iron to create unique and original pieces. They can also use ancestral techniquesEach craftsman has his own style and artistic vision. Each craftsman has his own style and artistic vision. There are specialist craftsmen in each field, who use their talent and skill to create unique works and original.

The main arts and crafts in the Dordogne

The Dordogne is home to a wide range of arts and crafts. These include 

  • Pottery This craft involves shaping pieces of clay. Craftsmen use simple tools and moulds to create objects for domestic or decorative use.
  • Jewellery Jewellery: artisan jewellers work with metal to create jewellery. They can use precious or semi-precious materials to make rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, etc.
  • Sewing The Dordogne's dressmakers use natural fabrics to create made-to-measure garments and accessories.
  • The sculpture Sculpting: sculptors use wood, stone, metal, plaster and even clay to create sculptures, statues and busts.
  • Joinery Wooden furniture: craftsmen in the Dordogne are experts at making wooden furniture. They can also work with leather and fabric to create tapestries and cushions.
  • Basketry This ancestral discipline involves weaving baskets, baskets and other objects from wicker or raffia.
  • The glassworks The Dordogne's master glassmakers are renowned for their expertise in making stained glass windows, lamps and other glass objects.

Through these different trades, the Dordogne's craftsmen and women continue to pass on their knowledge and skills. their expertise and contribute to the cultural richness of the region.

Where can you find artisanal products in the Dordogne?

You can find many artisanal products in the Dordogne in specialised markets as the Potters' Market in Limeuil, fairs and specialist shops. You can also contact the artisans themselves directly via their websites or social networks.

Limeuil potters' market ©Anne Mallemouche pour web

Numerous associations and groups bring together the region's craftspeople, organising meetings and events to promote their creations. Take advantage of associations day Rouffignac For example, it takes place at the beginning of September every year, giving visitors the opportunity to discover all the local craftspeople.

Craft tourism in the Dordogne

Craft tourism is a very popular activity in the Dordogne. Every year, a large number of visitors come to discover the work of the craftsmen and women who make it. their expertise unique at Le Bournat. .

There are also a number of specialised tours in the discovery of the Dordogne region. These tours allow visitors to visit the workshops of the craftsmen and see how they work. The the Route des Métiers d'Art is available from our tourist information offices.

Some tours also offer training courses or practical workshopsVisitors can learn about the techniques used by the craftsmen and try to reproduce their work.

Craft tourism is an excellent way to discover the cultural and social wealth of the region. artistic treasures of the Dordogne.

The expertise of craftsmen of the Dordogne is to bring back to life local culture and promote Périgord around the world. This is the case with Girault Pastels with an international reputation.

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