Castles to see in Périgord Noir

Which castle are you going to visit in Dordogne? Don't settle for just one stronghold! Even though there aren't thousands of them, you can easily see several Périgord castles which have spanned the centuries. Your children will love it!

Losse Castle

Built in the 16th century in the town of Thonac, near Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère, the Losse Castle et its gardens offer a superb testimony to the Renaissance. It is possible to visit the Grand Logis, classified as a historic monument, and discover its period furniture. The gardens, defense towers, moats and underground passages are also worth the detour.

Chateau de Losse in the Vézère Valley, Dordogne

Fortified House of Reignac

This fortified castle is undoubtedly the most mysterious in Dordogne with very particular architecture. Located in Tursac, this “ castle cliff », built directly into the rock in the 14th century, displays an exceptional state of conservation. It now houses the permanent exhibition of the Torture Museum.

Marzac Castle

Also in Tursac, the Marzac Castle today has a rich program of activities to do with family, children or friends. Escape game and murder party await you in this castle steeped in history, emblematic of the Dordogne valley.

Chateau de Hautefort

A former fortress from the Middle Ages, the Château de Hautefort was decorated with a park and French gardens from the 19th century. This majestic castle is open to self-guided or guided tours, during the day or at night (summer), and hikes are offered to enjoy its incredible gardens and sculpted boxwoods.

Commarque Castle

Le Commarque Castle is an old fortified castle whose construction dates back to the 12th century. His particuliarity ? It was a “co-lordship” housing several families, one per tower. Nowadays, the fortress offers a variety of activities for the whole family: self-guided tours or tours with a guide, from the valley to the dungeon, workshops, abseiling, escape games, but also exhibitions and films.

Dungeon and Manor of La Salle

Don't miss this place, also called Saint-Léon Manor, like the town of Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère where it is anchored. There you can discover a square keep and a corner tower built in the 300th century, as well as the manor dating from the XNUMXth century. Its park is just as remarkable, with a majestic Lebanese cedar over XNUMX years old.

Lacypierre Castle

Between Sarlat and Montignac-Lascaux, very close to other remarkable sites such as the Eyrignac gardens, treat yourself to a visit to the Lacypierre Castle. An exceptional place, which was the country house of the Benié de Lacypierre family in the 15th century, a family of magistrates and royal officers from Périgord.

Miremont Fortress

Surrounded by greenery and classified as a historic monument, the Miremont Fortress stands in the heart of Périgord Noir, near the village of Les Eyzies. Its Romanesque-style dungeon built in the 12th century and modified during the Renaissance is sure to impress. It is no longer possible to visit it. However, it can be admired by taking the Miremont hiking loop.

Château de L'Herm

The Château de l'Herm, with its Gothic architecture, was built in the 16th century. If the castle is at present closed to the public for work, it is a safe bet that a visit will soon be possible to discover all the wonders!

And many others …

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