In Dordogne, there is the famous Lascaux prehistoric cave and his International Center for Cave Art, but not only ! Deposits and shelters are also remarkable places in Périgord to discover the secrets of Prehistory. Appointment at Regourdou, à Ferrassie or to Castel-Merle for exciting visits.

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Cap-Blanc shelter

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Prehistoric Shelters of Laugerie Basse

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Prehistoric site of Castel-Merle


Fish Shelter

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Neanderthal site of Regourdou

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Discover the prehistoric sites of the Dordogne

What is a deposit?

A deposit is an archaeological site: a place of excavation et of discovery evidence of the past presence of humans or animals. These can be bones (skeletons or fragments) but also flint tools, or traces of art (paintings, sculptures). The deposits present a real scientific interest, particularly those of the Vézère valley and the Dordogne.

In the Dordogne, classified deposits

The Périgord deposits are famous and full of history. Also, several sites are classified as historical monuments, such as the Regourdou, Ferrassie or even Castel-Merle. The website of La Micoque is registered at UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To note :

Remember to plan your visit deposits of the Dordogne ! Some places are only open for a few months of the year, with visits by reservation.

Which deposits to visit in Périgord?

Regourdou prehistoric site: bears and Neanderthals

À Montignac-Lascaux, don't miss the Regourdou deposit. This Neanderthal site was discovered In the 1950's, while looking for a second entrance to the Lascaux cave. Excavations revealed a tomb containing two skeletons.

  • A Neanderthal skeleton, particularly well preserved, which is one of the most important fossils in Europe.
  • A bear skeleton, sacrificed during a rite during the Neanderthal period.

The visit of Regourdou site allows you to get to know Neanderthal man but also with bears. In addition to the deposit, you can discover a museum, a hole et a bear park.

La Ferrassie deposit

The La Ferrassie deposit, in the heart of Périgord Noir, is a large shelter the last excavations of which date back to 2015. An exceptional place, also monument, famous for his graves : the bones of eight individuals, adults and children, were discovered there. The site also contains tools, animal bones, and blocks engraved with schematic figures: the first works of art !

Castel-Merle site: 10 rock shelters

In the Vézère valley, near the Lascaux cave, discover the prehistoric site of Castel-Merle et its 10 shelters occupied by Neanderthals and then Cro-Magnons. You will find an open-air museum and numerous activities for the whole family: an unmissable part of a stay in the Dordogne!

La Micoque deposit: the oldest in the Vézère valley

Close to village of Eyzies, the La Micoque site is one of the prehistoric sites of Périgord listed in the World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. It is also the oldest site in the Vézère valley : it testifies to no less 300 years of human presence!

Neither shelter nor cave, the La Micoque site is located in the open air, at the foot of a rock wall.

And also: Moustier and Ruth

Complete your stay in the Vézère valley with other deposits and prehistoric sites. Beautiful Paleolithic discoveries await you at the Moustier deposits et of Ruth in Peyzac-le-Moustier

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