The Vézère valley or “prehistoric valley”

1 interpretation center, 1 museum, unique and exceptional prehistoric shelters and caves.

La Vézère valley ou valley of prehistory is renowned for its numerous Paleolithic sites, some of which are eponymous. Fifteen of them constitute a prehistoric ensemble listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. 

Lascaux II - Axial diverticulum
©Dan Courtice-Semitour Périgord


The decorated cave of Lascaux (Discover Lascaux in 4 acts).

Downstream of the Vézère, The Eyzies ou World Capital of Prehistory.
It is here that notable prehistorians such as Peyrony, Lartet, Capitan, Abbots Breuil and Glory; here again that was discovered Cro-Magnon Man, and so many other things that have called into question our knowledge of the history of Paleolithic man.

Mother Earth “Vézère Valley” exposes its jewels of prehistory to broad daylight, testimonies of human occupation dating back more than 400 years to the present day, including the cave of Lascaux !

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