Lascaux II is the first reproduction of the ornate cave the most important in France: the Lascaux cave, discovery in Montignac-Lascaux in Dordogne in 1940. A must-see during a stay in the Périgord Noir! Visit program, ticket reservation, parking... Find all the information to organize your visit to Lascaux.

What is the difference between Lascaux II and Lascaux IV?

Lascaux II is a facsimile, an identical replica, of part of the Lascaux cave discovered in 1940 in the Périgord Noir. Lascaux IV takes up almost the entirety of the original cave with different activities. The visits are complementary and the two caves are worth the detour !

A little history

It all begins in the Périgord Noir, in Montignac-Lascaux, in 1940: teenagers discovered the cave and the paintings that adorn its walls. The site is quickly opened to the public, in 1948, but the large influx of humans and the massive release of carbon dioxide are weakening the cave. She is officially closed to tourists since 1963

Today, it is no longer possible to visit the original cave, but Lascaux II and Lascaux IV offer, each in their own way, an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Vézère Valley.

Lascaux II: the first facsimile of the cave

Lascaux II opened in 1983 in Montignac-Lascaux in Dordogne, 200 meters from the authentic cave. The site reproduces the first two rooms of the cave: the Room of the Bulls and the Axial Diverticulum, which represent 90% of the paintings discovered.

Lascaux IV: a new experience since 2016

The Lascaux IV site, or International Center for Cave Art, is the almost complete replica of the cave prehistoric Lascaux. It is also located at Montignac-Lascaux in Dordogne.

In addition to the paintings, visitors can enjoy additional activities: a workshop, a theater, a cinema and an Immersion room, for a unique experience.

How is the visit to Lascaux II?

A visit by torch

At Lascaux II, the stroll takes on the appearance of traveling through time. The visit by torchlight is indeed intended faithful to the conditions of discovery of the original cave. In the darkness, the spectacle and the paintings are moving!

In 2023, something new awaits visitors: the narrated and intimate walk “Aux Origines” begins very close to the entrance to the original Lascaux cave. A guide will tell you the whole story of the discovery of the site.

Lascaux II - Flambeau - Hall of the bulls
©Dan Courtice-Semitour Périgord

Is the visit free?

The discovery of Lascaux II is always done with a guide. For the new visit “At the origins” as for the traditional torch tour, a guide accompanies you in the reproduction of the cave to reveal and comment on the mysteries of cave art.

Organize your visit to Lascaux II

When to visit Lascaux II?

You can plan your visit to Lascaux II between the beginning of April and the beginning of November. But beware : opening hours vary depending on the time of year

For a group visit, with schoolchildren for example, it is possible to come at the beginning or end of the year outside of the general public times. From January to April and from November to December, only groups can go to Lascaux II on request and reservation.

Book tickets online

In view of the crowds, it is advisable to anticipate and book tickets online. This will allow you to win time on site, but also benefit from preferential rates.

Think about twin ticket, if you are planning other activities during your stay in Périgord: a visit to Lascaux IV and/or Thot park.

Where to park in Lascaux II?

Are you coming to Lascaux by car? It is possible to park on the parking near the site, below. If you spend your holidays in the Périgord Noir in a motorhome, you can also park there. During busy periods, you will find space along the road.


How to dress to visit Lascaux II?

Better to bring a little wool for a visit to Lascaux II: the temperature is cool all year round in the cave, located underground and in the forest. Significant differences with the outside can also be observed in summer, especially during heatwaves. Also think about comfortable shoes suitable for walking.

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