Do you think that the Vézère valley in Dordogne is limited to its parietal heritage? No way ! Our territory also has theme parks which allow you to please all the in family by offering activities that are as diverse as they are exciting. Come on, follow us to discover these different leisure places.

Historical theme parks in the Vézère valley

Retracing the steps of our history: this is what you come to look for most often during your stay in the Dordogne. From Parc du Thot to Parc du Bournat, there are numerous attractions in this corner of New Aquitaine.

The Préhisto Parc

Have you always wanted to know how your ancestors lived in the Vézère valley? This leisure park is made for you! Indeed, visiting the Préhisto Parc is taking a step back into the history of more than 35 years. You can follow an educational route, entirely with sound, which will give you the impression of living with Neanderthal or Cro-Magnon. This park was designed under the aegis of Professor Heim, anthropologist at the Natural History Museum of Paris. Children discover scenes from daily life and you can deepen your knowledge thanks to the numerous explanatory panels. 

Come and get lost in the Prehistoric Labyrinth at Le Bugue

Thrills and prehistory await you for this original immersion in the world of our ancestors. To test your knowledge of Prehistory, you will have to answer 25 riddles! For the more fearful, we do not recommend venturing into the Ice Age section: scares guaranteed. For the more daring, have fun with friends or family in this labyrinth which has many surprises in store…

Meet the dinosaurs of Dordogne…

Did you think they were gone? But no, the dinosaurs are waiting for you Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère in their specially designed leisure park overlooking the Vézère. 

The Thot park and its wolves

Visiting the Thot park means discovering the relationship between prehistoric men and animals. You will be able to admire the animals represented on the walls of Lascaux and meet those who inhabit the park: wolves, plains bison and even aurochs.

The Roc de Cazelle caves

On the road to Sarlat, in the sector of Black Périgord, you can also discover a park with reconstructions depicting the life of our ancestors. This tour along the cliffs guides you to a farm and its animals. A course to do during the holidays with children which has dedicated activities and games!

Le Bournat park in Bugue

You will love living in the reconstructed village of Bournat. You are no longer in the 1900st century, in Dordogne but in XNUMX. There are numerous attractions and you can also discover the professions of the time.

The water parks of Périgord

Of course, we are not very close to the ocean but you can still have fun thanks to the many water parks in Périgord.

A day in nature at the Bos ponds

Swimming in ©Etangs du Bos

This water park is perfect for the family when the weather is warm and everyone wants to spend some time near the water. There are numerous attractions on the water and on land, you can try a game of mini-golf! A space is also reserved for fishing for lovers of this activity. There's something for everyone!

The Jacquou Park

©ilô creative

Between carousels and thrill rides in this family park, you will enjoy an aquatic area with wave pools and slides. The little ones will enjoy the pirate island and the adults will jump into the turbolance. Bring your picnic to enjoy a whole day in this family park, which will delight young and old.

The Tamniès Pond

This body of water has been set up in the middle of nature so that families can spend unforgettable moments with inflatable games and water attractions. But also with routes along the pond to discover the fauna and the flora of this little hidden corner of Périgord.

Quercyland, for fun in Souillac

More than 3 hectares are devoted to aquatic activities and games in all its forms: swimming pools, slides but also jacuzzi. And if you want to jump on trampolines, it's possible!

Leisure parks for children in Dordogne

The Périgord Noir Aquarium in Le Bugue

In our opinion, a visit not to be missed during your holidays in the Dordogne: the Périgord Noir aquarium which is the largest in Europe in fresh water. Various spaces await you with exotic species such as myocastors or alligators. 

The Go Kids Park in Journiac

More than 1000 square meters await children who want to let off steam. Carpets on the ground, inflatable structures and themed activities will delight the little ones. This park is recommended for children aged 12 and up.  

What a variety of theme parks! Another good reason to come the Vézère valley in the Dordogne!

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