Zoos? It is a visit that will delight parents and children. On vacation for several days or simply passing through the Dordogne, you can discover wolves as well as lemurs in the numerous animal parks of the Vézère valley and surrounding areas. Of the Bournat farm to the Calviac zoological reserve, Through the Thot animal park, you have the choice of theme for your “zoo”! 

Zoological parks in Dordogne

The Périgord Noir Aquarium

Over an area of ​​more than 4 m², this aquarium is the largest private freshwater aquarium in Europe. Another originality: it is located in the open air. Thus, you see the species of fish evolve over the seasons. Next to sturgeons you will discover the alligators and other anaconda ! Many activities and games are offered for all ages during the visits.

The Calviac zoological reserve, as close as possible to animals in Périgord

It’s not an animal park like any other: the zoological reserve is a conservatory for endangered species. More than 200 animals from 5 different geographical areas are present, all gathered in this corner of the Dordogne. During this visit, it is possible to come into contact with certain species such as lemurs or tapirs. You can also prefer to become a zoo keeper for a day: preparing meals, feeding the animals, it's a unique moment of sharing and privileged discovery.

La Ferme du Bournat, France in 1900!

This place is magical: you make a time travel by meeting numerous animals throughout your visit. First step: you reach animal island after a short boat ride. Gliding on the water, you will not disturb the animals, but you will be able to observe them in complete tranquility. But that's not all: second step, you discover the farm. It was designed over 2500 m² especially for children aged 2 to 12. An unforgettable moment to spend with family!

Le Bugue, the Bournat park

Zoological parks and Prehistory

Le Regourdou, bears and a chasm in Périgord

It was in 1970 that Roger Constant began excavating the site, in the hope of reaching Lascaux. Today it is still possible to visit the site and its museum. But also to admire Charly, Noisette, Cassy and Mishka, the 4 bears present in the zoo section. It should be remembered that many brown bear bones were found during excavations of the site.

The Thot park and its wolves

If you want to stay in a prehistoric atmosphere, the Thot animal park is perfect ! You will find some of the animals that were painted on the walls of the Lascaux cave and in particular the wolves. But also aurochs or plains bison. A real immersion in the prehistoric life ! Don't hesitate to register your children aged 5 and over for the discovery workshops and games. And did you know that you can also feed deer or does, like in a zoo? An appointment to schedule with a visit to Lascaux IV !

The Thot park in the Vézère Valley

Other zoos in Dordogne and surrounding areas

The Monkey Forest, an original animal park

What if you walked among the 150 Barbary macaques while staying in France? It is possible within the Monkey Forest, an animal park which opened its doors in 1974 in Rocamadour. You will be surprised to see the primates evolve in great freedom but also tranquility. You will remember this trip to these monkey colonies for a long time! 

Reptiland, discoveries and chills in this zoo

This is another journey that we offer you with this magnificent and unique reptile collection of Europe, in daylight. You will meet 200 snakes, lizards, crocodiles but also turtles and spiders near Martel. And, in our opinion, you will surely change your vision of these animals and their often little-known world.

The Wild Park to admire birds of prey and animals from our forests and countryside

Located at the White Tower, the park offers several activities with a zoo but also an educational farm. Children will also love aviary with birds of prey and birds of prey. You can also follow the park vision to observe deer or fallow deer. 

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