Périgord know-how

Le Bournat park to return to the last century

If you want to relive the atmosphere of Périgord in the 1900s, don't hesitate to enter the doors of this timeless leisure park! The village of Bournat has been reconstituted and attractions are planned for young and old children. Do you want to be photographed in traditional costumes ? It's possible ! Your children will be able to enjoy the rides of yesteryear, discover the farm animals while you can admire the work of the artisans traditional! And of course, restaurants with Périgord products await you, as well as a camping for a longer stay.

The Breuil cabins to understand the local architecture

This haven of peace transports you decades back when agriculture was the cornerstone of Périgord. This old farm offers a shaded stroll through small dry stone huts. The owners are working to revive this farm and make people understand the construction techniques of these cabins. It's a family story that will seduce you and transport you to the last century.

Crossing the ages

In the times of the dinosaurs

Ce dinosaur park traces the evolution of life in a simple and fun way. Come discover the most beautiful species of dinosaurs in a natural and wooded environment. The shaded walk is done at your own pace thanks to explanatory and educational panels throughout the route. You will discover little-known species (sometimes at real size) and enjoy a spectacular view of Saint-Léon sur Vézère. A part playful is set up at the entrance with the dino ride. Are you ready to meet Diplo, T-rex and Spino ?

In prehistoric times

If you want to introduce your children to Prehistory? Discover the Prehisto Park or Caves of Roc de Cazelle. These two sites offer scenes of hunting, gathering, fishing and daily life. Excellent way to understand our history for children thanks to real-size reconstructions, it is also very interesting for adults: explanatory panels mark the route and demonstrations fire lighting takes place during the summer period.

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