The gardens of the Vézère valley in Dordogne: explore their natural beauty

French-style, English-style, panoramic gardens or within the walls of a castle, the gardens of the villages of the Vézère valley and the Dordogne are to be discovered throughout your stay in Périgord Noir. Visiting a garden is another way of doing tourism in France and in our beautiful region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine. In addition, your children will love walking around on trails and activities in the parks and gardens, which are an integral part of the heritage of our Dordogne department.

Overview of these natural wonders to visit during your vacation.

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The Cadiot Gardens

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Planbuisson Bamboo Garden

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The Gardens of Losse Castle

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Park of the Château de Campagne

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The Water Gardens

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Eyrignac and its Gardens

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The Panoramic Gardens of Limeuil

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Discover castles with panoramic gardens

Limeuil, a jewel of the Vézère valley in Dordogne

This garden was created by Doctor Linarès: it is a cosmopolitan English-style park which overlooks the Dordogne and the Vézère. Since 2004, the Limeuil garden is carefully restored and offers many activities with educational trails, and it is unique, an escape game garden! The village of Limeuil is also worth a detour, because it is one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France.

The gardens of Losse Castle

It is on the banks of the Vézère that is located the castle of Losse. Its gardens have been labeled “Remarkable Garden” since 2004. Terraced garden, or walking area, you will be seduced, during your visit, by these green spaces restored over the years.

The charm of Hautefort, another castle with remarkable gardens

If the castle is impressive, you will also be seduced by the French gardens exceptional. Don't forget to visit this unique plant pergola, more than 70 meters long: it is particularly pleasant and provides welcome shade during the hot weather.

Milandes Castle

Famous for having been the property of Joséphine Baker, the Château des Milandes has un garden French style and a park which are worth a visit. These gardens are also listed as Historic Monuments.

Topiary art in the gardens of Périgord

Do you know about topiary? It’s the art of landscape! This consists of prune trees or shrubs in very varied shapes to obtain French-style parks and gardens. Dordogne has magnificent examples of this particularly demanding art in exceptional gardens.

The gardens of the Manoir d’Eyrignac

22 generations have succeeded one another to enhance this place and perpetuate the topiary art. Rigor and passion are essential for these gardens to maintain their unique beauty. eyrignac, which means “where the water flows” in Occitan, it is also a water garden with seven scattered sources offering different soundscapes.

The park of Marqueyssac castle in the heart of Périgord Noir

Imagine more 150 century-old boxwoods hand-hewn, shaded paths decorated with rockeries, waterfalls and other surprises throughout your walk! This is the park of the Château de Marqueyssac which overlooks the Dordogne from a height of 130 metres. The view is exceptional and you will not soon forget the visit to these panoramic gardens.

Discover nature and water in the gardens of the Vézère valley and the Dordogne valley.

The park of the Château de Campagne

Le Country estate extends over 337 hectares of forest including a park labeled remarkable garden. It surrounds its castle and its moats which offer an exceptional panorama. This park is ideal for a relaxing day with the family. The surrounding forest is ideal for hiking and other outdoor activities.

The water gardens of Carsac-Aillac

It's another experience that awaits you at Carsac. This real aquatic arboretum features Nile lotuses, papyrus and tropical water lilies. It is no longer the countryside in France but a place of relaxation, near water with numerous streams and waterfalls. Change of scenery guaranteed!

The terraced gardens of Cadiot

Very committed to permaculture, the owners of these gardens have created 10 different paintings based on the colors of the flowers with a rose garden, a peony grove. These gardens, located Cadiot north of Sarlat, also host exhibitions of contemporary works. A good way to introduce your children to plants and art, during a walk in the open air.

The exotic garden of Roque Gageac

Banana trees, bougainvillea or even orange trees flourish in the heart of Périgord Noir! The secret to this exotic nature? A river, the Dordogne, and a southwest-facing cliff which creates a microclimate. And of course the passion of a man, Gérard Dorin, the creator of the garden.

The bamboos of Planbuisson

A few kilometers from Limeuil and its panoramic garden, on the other bank of the Dordogne, the Planbuisson bamboo encourage daydreaming. This park, labeled a remarkable garden of France, extends over more than 2 hectares. Don't hesitate to stop by the nursery to create a bamboo grove at home.

Other landscaped gardens and municipal parks can be discovered while strolling through villages such as Plazac ou Montignac-Lascaux.

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