At the bend of the Dordogne river, nestles La Roque-Gageac. You surely know the name of this village which is one of the most visited in France. And we can only advise you to come and stroll through this absolutely delicious place. Especially since Roque-Gageac has many surprises and activities in store. Follow the guide to visit theone of the most beautiful villages of Périgord noir, not far from Sarlat, Domme or even Castelnaud!

A stroll through the streets of the village of La Roque-Gageac, between river and cliff

A 120-meter cliff overlooks Roque-Gageac, offering magnificent views to all nature lovers. One of them can be seen from the Roque-Gageac fort. Built on the side of a cliff, in the rock, everything was planned to ensure that it remained out of reach of invaders, but rest assured, today, a staircase allows you to access it to discover the covered path, archers and gunboats. The view of the Dordogne flowing beneath your feet is simply incredible!

La Roque-Gageac is located on the edge of one of the many cings of the Dordogne (in the South-West, a cingle designates a meander of the river). This gem of Black Périgord is built on the side of a cliff more than 100 meters high, which allows you to have a very nice view of the river throughout your visit to the village.

An exotic garden in La Roque-Gageac, on the banks of the Dordogne

A surprise awaits you in the heart of the village, below the Tarde manor, on the path which leads you to the church. You will discover the exotic garden, an avenue lined with bamboo, palm trees and even banana trees. These plants have found a favorable climate in the Dordogne for their development and give Roque-Gageac the appearance of a tropical paradise.

Admire the houses of Roque-Gageac along the Dordogne

If you arrive by road from Sarlat, you can start with a little walk in the streets of the village of La Roque-Gageac. You will discover the typical residences of this region of Périgord, with their brown tiles giving a particular look to the roofs of the houses. 

You can also admire the Périgord lauze roof of the 14th century Notre-Dame church.e century. Have you ever been told about the color of stones? It is particularly warm thanks to its golden hue.


The Château de la Malartrie, the other jewel of Roque-Gageac

The Château de la Malartrie, the other jewel of Roque-Gageac. The Château de la Malartrie was founded in the 12th century: at the time it was a hospital for lepers. Since then, it has undergone numerous transformations, notably in the XNUMXth century, during which it acquired the Renaissance style which it still displays today. Today it is a family home that can be rented. From the main courtyard of the castle, there is an exceptional view of the river but also of the village of La Roque-Gageac and its cliffs. Now it's time to climb up to admire the panorama of the Dordogne valley!

A barge cruise on the Dordogne from Roque-Gageac: a must for your stay in the Périgord Noir

If you can plan a boat trip, in our opinion, you won't soon forget it! This typical boat from the west coast of France allowed the transport of wine barrels, but also construction or agricultural products. Around 1850, more than 60% of the exchange of goods between Bergerac and Bordeaux was carried out thanks to gabarres. 

Nowadays, this beautiful flat-bottomed boat allows you to enjoy another view of Roque-Gageac, from the river. And it's also a good way to cool off when it's too hot on the banks of the Dordogne. You will definitely enjoy this cruise in this unique site in France.

The must-sees around La Roque-Gageac

Many exceptional places are located very close to each other in the Dordogne valley. Here is a selection of castles, gardens and parks in Périgord Noir near La Roque-Gageac:

  • Sarlat and its exceptional heritage of Périgord;
  • Domme and its breathtaking panorama of the Dordogne valley;
  • The Marqueyssac gardens, unique in the region;
  • Beynac Castle overlooking the Dordogne;
  • The castle of Castelnaud-la-Chapelle and its war machines;
  • The Château des Milandes and its parks, dear to Joséphine Baker.

On this small territory of less than 20 km wide, you can discover unique sites in France!

And to better enjoy your vacation, don't hesitate to ask the Tourist Office who will provide you with a guide for a guided tour. But also information on other leisure activities such as a market, a canoe trip or even the discovery of a troglodyte site.


Same advice if you are looking for quiet accommodation or camping in villages in the Dordogne valley, near Roque-Gageac: the Tourist Office will give you the best addresses.

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