Like everywhere in Dordogne, the Vézère valley excels in everything related to gastronomy.

Talking about Périgord immediately brings to mind the foie gras of Périgord, the duck breasts, the fresh truffes black Périgord, porcini mushrooms and noix AOC Périgord, all these jewels of French gastronomy recently highlighted by UNESCO which delight the taste buds.
An infinite number of recipes are possible thanks to the great diversity of these resources.

No good dishes without good ingredients

Exceptional products under official Quality signs: AOC/AOP and IGP.
Supported by quality agriculture, the gastronomy of Périgord is based on emblematic quality products.
It benefits from three “Protected Geographical Indication” PGIs for: duck foie gras, strawberries and the lamb. The IGP means that the products you consume are raised in Périgord and respect a strict quality charter.
Other products have the AOC designation, such as: Périgord nuts.

The gastronomy of Périgord, a rich and friendly cuisine

The gastronomy of Périgord transforms simple local products in refined and delicate dishes. Here, nothing is lost, everything is available.

It is not only a country where we eat well, it is also a country where we eat finely and where cooking is considered one of the most beautiful arts

And according to Curnonsky, the Prince of gastronomes: “Périgord was born from a fairy wand, gluttony here is not a sin, it is a true Paradise where the Gods are fulfilled”

Restaurants in Dordogne

You can find all these flavors in the restaurants located in the Vézère valley, in Montignac-Lascaux, in Les Eyzies, in Le Bugue. Enough to enjoy your holidays in the Dordogne.


And enjoy your meal !

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