It's impossible to get bored in the Vézère valley! Theme parks, hot-air ballooning, paragliding, canoeing, paddling, hiking, etc.
There's something for everyone!

Having fun? I love fun!

So off we go to active holidays in the Vézère valley! Playground for 400,000 years, the Vézère valley offers you a whole host of sensations in our theme parks. Every outing on land, in the water or in the trees adds that zest of spice that makes holidays with us so much more enjoyable. unforgettable !

I dream of flying

Here it's possible! The Vézère valley from the air is fantastic! Hot-air ballooning, microlighting or paragliding... what better way to discover our region than from the air? flying over a landscape through which the river is just around the corner: typical little villages, ancient medieval towns, castles... Fancy a bit of freedom? The sky over the Vézère valley is yours.

Sailing on the Vézère

Float, you're in the Vézère valley! La Vézère rivernarrow and wild, traces a furrow along the steep cliffs dotted with troglodytic dwellings and caves. Explore the landscape by canoe, paddle or boat, and immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience. a world of tranquillity and sensations that will awaken the contemplative or sporting spirit in you.

Are you tempted by 675 kms?

What a good idea to take a walk in our valley! Whether you're a walker or an experienced hiker, 675km of waymarked paths will take you through forests, from the shade of cliffs to sunny summits. Surprising views, exceptional heritage, The incredible variety of flora and fauna on offer here. Choose your favourite activity: on foot, by bike or on horseback. And why not take a gyro-pod?

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