Take time to discover the village of Journiac !

6 km from the village of BugueThe village of Journiac nestles in a green valley at the gateway to Périgord Noir and the Vézère Valley. A stream runs through the village and you can still admire a beautiful wash-house. Journiac was first inhabited during the Palaeolithic period, when the first settlements were built. Treil deposit bears witness to this.

The origin of the name "Juronuis" suggests that this was the site of a small Gallo-Roman town. The presence of an oppidum close to the Roman road "Vésone-Cahors" confirms this origin. The 12th century was a prosperous period, allowing the church to be built. In fact, the oldest architectural remains (the choir) date from these centuries (11th and 12th). Each century brought its own changes: the thickness of the walls, the presence of loopholes and a defensive chamber accessible by a narrow staircase, show that the church played a defensive role in the Middle Ages. Hundred Years' War.

Journiac, Children's paradise

At the entrance to Journiac, near the road to Périgueux, you will find the Jacquou Parc in season, an open-air amusement park with rides and water games to delight the little ones.
On the other side of the road, Univerland offers a Go Kids Park for children aged 2 to 10 and many other activities for older children (VR Family, VR Galaxy, Lazzer City, Aquatic Lagoon, etc.).

Walking around Journiac

Around Journiac, the hills, curves and valleys can be explored on foot. Two loops allow you to discover the beautiful houses with blonde stones and slate roofs that shape the landscape:

  • Saint-Mont loop
  • Péchorel loop


Town Hall
Le Bourg
24260 Journiac
Telephone: +33 5 53 03 23 80
E-mail: [email protected]

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