Take the time to discover the Aubareil Chapel

A charming municipality located between Montignac-Lascaux et Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère, the Aubareil Chapel stands at 260 m above sea level.

The town is dominated by a tower, remains of a medieval castle little is known about it, except that the lands and lordships of La Chapelle Aubareil were acquired on February 15, 1698, by the lord of Pelvézy.

A document shows that at that time, the castle was already in a significant state of disrepair. Its dismantling surely made it possible to build the houses of the village : this is evidenced by the corner chains, lintels and jambs in cut stone, loopholes, bretèches, mullioned windows, etc.

A walk in the village, with spaces redefined in 2005, allows you to discover these elements as well as a cross carved with a Christ, vestige of the old cemetery and the village church.

To see and do at the Chapelle Aubareil

Hikes allow walkers to discover the small heritage : crosses (the village, Auxerre, La Boissière, L'Air), wash houses (Les Moussaries, La Peyre, the pumping station) and at least 13 fountains (Le Bourg, La Valade, La Beune Basse, Font de Coffre , Le Renard, Le Croupoulou, La Rouchie, La Pradasque, La Sagne, La Serre, Fontpeyrine, Fontcuberte, L’Air…)

  • Albaroise loop
  • Turançonnaise loop

The little +

  • Garden Fair in September


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The town


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