Hemmed in and covered with forests, surrounded by limestone cliffs, the Beune valley in the Vézère valley is a haven of nature.

The Beunes valleys, preserved nature

Of course, the absence of large cities and industrial zones accounts for a lot in this preservation. But not only that, the valley also has a number of protected spaces, that is to say areas recognized for the richness of their Natural Heritage. In addition to the recognition by UNESCO of the status of « biosphere reserve », it houses several sites within it “Natura 2000” protected under a European directive.

Take the Beunes valleys for example

Petite and Grande Beune are tributaries of the Vezere. They contain rare and fragile environments such as bogs ou the reed beds and are home to several protected species. You can come across otters, salamanders ou marsh coppers (this is a rare butterfly).

Salamander ©pixabay

In the same way, we know that this part of France served as a refuge, during the glacial periods, for our prehistoric ancestors. There they found abundant game and a source of inspiration for their art. The two Beunes valleys shelter the largest concentration of decorated caves in the world : around fifteen sites, only some of which are accessible. The caves of Font-de-Gaume, Combarelles, Bernifal and l'Cap Blanc shelter are part of.

So breathe, observe, enjoy your walks, horseback rides or bike rides and help us preserve this wild nature!

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