Plazac, hidden treasure of Périgord Noir

Charming locality at 100 meters altitude, between Montignac-Lascaux et Les Eyzies. Plazac is built on the hillside in the Vimont valley, a river with beautiful clear waters where you can catch trout, 5 km from the Vézère river.

This small, gently sloping village reveals its pink roofs, the houses with square towers, the Perigord coyal roofs as well as its fountains. The market hall and the main square of Plazac will not leave you indifferent.

Plazac invites you to contemplation

As you stroll through this charming village you will discover a medieval inspired garden located at the feet of ramparts of the Bishops’ castle and in the immediate vicinity of the Plazac church. In the town and all around, the small heritage, witness to the past, reflects the know-how of the generations who preceded us, the beliefs, the rites, the customs. In Plazac, 10 crosses and 7 fountains can be discovered while strolling through the village.

From the village you can take one of the two hiking trails:

  • Plenary Loop
  • Windmill Loop

The little +

  • Più di Voce Festival
  • Flea market on August 15


Plazac town hall
The town
4, main road
24580 Plazac
Phone: +33 5 53 50 71 22
Email: [email protected]

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