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Between Vézère and Dordogne, dominating the confluence, the peaceful village of Saint-Chamassy has managed to keep its authenticity. More than ten residences of character (castles, manors, manor houses or fortified houses) are scattered over the 1500 ha of the town. The Perdigat castle is the first that we discover at the entrance to the Saint-Chamassy valley. Since the beginning of the XNUMXth century, “Le Perdigal” dominated the plain and the Vézère which flowed at its feet.

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To see and do in Saint-Chamassy

Come and adventure in any season in the deep forests of this pretty town, without getting lost thanks to the hiking trails very well marked:

1 - Dolmen loop - Saint Chamssy
  • la Dolmen loop (9km) invites you to discover or revisit a corner of nature near you. As a token of this adventure, your steps will lead you to a very well preserved Neolithic vestige: the Roc de Cayre dolmen which was the subject of archaeological studies in 1883 and whose excavations revealed the presence of a headless skeleton and a flint. All the stones of this dolmen are made of red sandstone.
  • la Pech Melou loop : A varied route which notably takes an old stagecoach path going down from Audrix, on the hill, towards the Vézère ford.

The leisure park ÉBos ponds offers swimming pools, a pond, an aquapark, and games and activities to spend a refreshing and sporty day.


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