A charming little village perched in a green setting

Savignac de Miremont clings to the side of a wooded hill. Located 7 km from the village of Bugue and 10 km of EyziesYou'll love this little corner of the countryside!

The oldest known Savignac inhabitants lived in theabri de la FerrassieThe site is famous for its eight Neanderthal burials (children, adults and an old man) and a fine collection of blocks engraved with schematic figurations. The discovery is located in the Aurignacian levels and is the first well-dated example of prehistoric art.

Hiking from Savignac de Miremont

Leaving from the village From Savignac de Miremont, walk to the La Ferrassie site and enjoy its exceptional built heritage and unspoilt countryside.


Town Hall
Le Bourg
24260 Savignac-de-Miremont
Telephone:+33 5 53 03 24 11
E-mail: [email protected]

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