Discover the forests, valleys and rivers of the Dordogne to the rhythm of your horse's footsteps? It's possible, and it's even a dream destination for equestrian tourism! There are many trails for horseback riding, but also a large choice of activities offered by equestrian centers and farms. Adjust your reins, jump in the saddle and discover the banks of the Vézère in a different way!

Why is the Dordogne an ideal destination for horseback riding?

A horseback ride? Ideal for enjoying the landscape and castles

Périgord and the Vézère valley offer several itineraries and circuits popular with riders, whatever their riding level. Some will prefer a walk for a few hours or a day, others will appreciate being able to organize a complete circuit. There's something for everyone, especially since you can add visits to medieval villages and prehistoric caves at each stop. You will come across more than one castle to admire during the walk!

There are many ways to enjoy equestrian activity

Equestrian tourism in Dordogne is not limited to hiking. Equestrian centers, farms and pony clubs also offer activities of all kinds. It is also a good opportunity to discover Périgord on horseback even for a few hours, or to take your children to meet the horses of the Vézère valley. 

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Hiking, trekking, initiation… how to discover the Dordogne on horseback? 

Varied activities in centers, horse farms and pony clubs

There are many equestrian centers in the Vézère valley. These stables, farms and pony clubs offer numerous activities with equestrian professionals: rides, improvement courses, courses or hikes for young and old. A good way to learn about horseback riding and equestrian tourism.

Several equestrian centers specialize in this type of tourism in Périgord:

  • The Équiloisirs association in Rouffignac;
  • The Arc en Ciel pony club in Campagne;
  • The Riders of the Vézère in Sergeac;
  • The Franval horse farm;
  • The Clos Fauré stables;
  • The Sardin horse farm;
  • Or the Les Eymaries equestrian farm. 

Hikes and treks for everyone on the circuits and trails of Périgord 

Would you prefer to plan a hike in the countryside lasting several days, or an adventure trek on the back of a horse? The vast majority of hiking trails in the Vézère valley are accessible to horses. This represents several dozen possible circuits, over one or more days. 

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You can choose your circuit according to the difficulty: whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, there is necessarily a hiking route in Dordogne that suits your desires.

Gîtes and stopovers in Périgord for your star or itinerant hikes

Choosing your stages carefully is essential for a hike lasting several days, so that your horse can also rest in good conditions. Opt for a star-shaped horseback ride, that is to say starting from the same place, to walk around the surrounding area or a traveling hike, if you prefer a different stage each day.
In the Vézère valley in Dordogne, certain lodges, equestrian centers or farms offer stalls for horses, and a room or camping space for hikers.

And why not go hiking with a horse, a pony or a pack donkey? 

This type of circuit is also possible! The horse, the pony or the donkey accompanies you throughout your hike in the Vézère valley in Dordogne to carry your luggage and make the walk easier. A nice way for your children to experience the day of hiking differently.

How to organize your horseback riding in the Vézère valley in Dordogne?

Are you starting to prepare for a horseback riding trip in the great outdoors in the Vézère valley? Here are some steps to help you prepare for your stay!

  • Choose an equestrian center or a horse farm that offers horseback riding activities that you enjoy: some centers organize accompanied hikes, with horses accustomed to group rides. Others leave you free to select your route.
  • Plan your route : associations of equestrian tourism enthusiasts or centers can offer a pre-established itinerary, but you can also prepare your own by selecting the paths accessible to equestrian tourism. Don't forget your hiking map.
  • Combine nature with discovery ! The Vézère valley in Dordogne is full of places to visit: medieval villages, castles, caves and museums. Each stage of your stay in Périgord is an opportunity to plan a visit.
  • Prepare suitable equipment. Whatever your itinerary (horseback riding in the countryside with camping, star trekking in lodges or B&Bs, etc.), you will need the essential equipment for any rider. Also think about the care of your horse and its provisioning. 

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