With its large natural spaces, its developed trails and its numerous tourist sites, the Vézère valley in Dordogne can also be explored on foot. There are many circuits and paths to explore, for families and the more sporty. You can combine walking with tourism, on the hiking trails that lead to prehistoric caves, remarkable villages or castles along the Vézère. Open your map and follow the guide!

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Loop of the Etangs de Coulonge n° 18 / Montignac-Lascaux

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Viewpoint over the Vézère Valley at the Jor coast

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Maillol loop n°12 / Thonac

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Dolmen loop n°1/Saint-Chamassy

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Loop of the Etangs de Fon Gran n° 11 / Thonac

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Lauze and Old Stones Loop n° 27/ Coly Saint-Amand

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Brandes loop n°10 / Sergeac

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South Balcons Loop No. 20 / Les Farges

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Loop of the 7 Tours n° 14 /Les Eyzies

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Combejadouille loop n° 27 / Mauzens and Miremont

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Hauteclair loop n°5 / Saint-Léon

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Mammoths Loop No. 31 / Rouffignac

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Discover the Vézère valley on foot 

Welcome to the Périgord trails!
It's time to put on your best hiking shoes: around Montignac-Lascaux and Eyzies, enjoy nearly 675 kilometers of developed trails. The Vézère valley in Dordogne offers a wide choice of trails and hikes for all levels. 

The village of Les Eyzies is a good example: there are several hiking trails starting from the world capital of Prehistory. Departures are located near the campervan area, on the banks of the river. The duration, elevation and circuit vary depending on the hiking route chosen.

Which hiking trails to follow in the Vézère valley in Dordogne?

Hiking trails for families and children

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Walking is an ideal activity for families : the Vézère valley in Dordogne can be discovered at your own pace. Here are some ideas for hiking routes accessible to everyone.

  • The Mas de Sireuil hiking loop, departing from Sireuil, hamlet of Les Eyzies. This route of almost 4 kilometers has a slight difference in altitude.
  • The loop around the town of Fanlac allows you to admire an exceptional panorama and discover the artisans who live in Fanlac.
  • The Cluzeaux loop, in the Campagne national forest. A short walk in the shade of the trees, this trail is a good introduction to discovering the fauna and flora of the Vézère Valley. 

Paths for sporty hikers

Are you looking for a significant difference in altitude and a more sporty route? Choose one of more technical walking trails, which wind through the forests and hills of the Vézère valley in Dordogne.

  • The Lalande loop in the village of Fleurac. 14 kilometers from plateau to plateau to appreciate the landscapes of Périgord Noir. The positive altitude difference is almost 400 m. 
  • The castle loop, At the bottom. You will explore various landscapes on this 14 kilometer route, between castles and walnut groves.

Hiking trails for lovers of beautiful landscapes

Hiking in the Vézère valley in Dordogne offers a real bonus: at each bend in the trail, you may be able to discover a new castle in the distance. What if you took advantage of your walk to reach a prehistoric cave or one of the many tourist sites of the Périgord Noir? 

These trails and routes may please you:

  • The Polissoir hiking loop, in the Forest of Campaigns, near the castle. There are several circuits in the forest dedicated to hiking and fitness walking. Don't forget to visit the exhibition inside the castle before leaving this preserved estate.
  • The viewpoint loop at Peyzac le Moustier. This circuit will allow you to discover panoramas of the Vézère valley and the Sarladais. Several springs-washhouses line this route which also offers abundant and diverse flora. The day can continue with a visit to Roque Saint-Christophe just a stone's throw away (and more!) 

How to organize your hiking trip in the Vézère valley in Dordogne? 

Our advice for making the most of your hiking trip in the Périgord Noir. 

  • Check the difficulty and duration of the loop: there may be different hiking circuits departing from the same village or the same parking lot. In the Vézère valley in Dordogne, hiking trails are signposted to allow you to follow the right path and make the most of the ride.
  • Locate exceptional places to discover around your route: the Vézère valley in Dordogne offers many opportunities to enhance your hike! Remarkable castle, troglodyte site, medieval village… Some villages are even among the Most Beautiful Villages of France.
  • Enjoy nature and respect others: the numerous trails and footpaths cross woods and hills and you may come across other walkers there. Walking and mountain biking are popular in the Dordogne!

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