Discover Lascaux Dordogne through its trail routes.

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5 kms27 kms
100 m736 m

Montignac-Lascaux Trail n°11

Montignac-Lascaux Trail n°12

Saint-Léon sur Vézère Trail n°9

Rouffignac Trail n°6

Le Bugue trail n°3

Les Eyzies Trail n°5

Le Bugue Trail n°1

Rouffignac Trail n°7

Montignac-Lascaux Trail n°10

Les Eyzies trail n°4

Saint-Léon sur Vézère Trail n°8

Le Bugue trail n°2

Espace Trail Lascaux Vallée Vézère joins the club of Espaces Trail de France

What if running rhymed with discovery?

Put on your trainers and set off to discover the running circuits in the Dordogne, a stone's throw from the Lascaux caves. In the mood for nature, the outdoors and exercise? After the marche on its hiking trails or have cycled on its mountain bike trailsThe Vézère Valley, in the heart of the Périgord Noir region, is home to a new trail area and a wide range of activities. 12 running routesfrom 7 to 28 km.

Between sporting challenge and active tourism, at the heart of a region Unesco world heritage siteThe new routes have different levels of difficulty, with different gradients.

Whether you're training for better results, or taking advantage of the holidays with a new sporting impetus, you can get off to a flying start! routes in 5 municipalities Montignac-Lascaux, Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère, Les Eyzies de Tayac, Rouffignac-Saint-Cernin-de-Reilhac, Le Bugue.

In randotrail mode, you'll alternate climbs and descents on paths and tracks.

Too many activities to choose from? Don't know where to turn? Between natural and cultural sites, run and discover the many facets of the region. of this region in a protected natural setting. This is not an ultra trail, but a nec plus ultra run!

Take advantage of nearby races to extend your stay in the Vézère valley, from the Dordogne with its famous 100 km of Belvès, to the Corrèze with its Xtrail Corrèze, or the Equiden du Lot .... You'll never be far away to continue the adventure, while staying in the Périgord Noir, so rich in tourist sites and outdoor activities: from the Lascaux caves to the Château de Commarque, from canoeing down the Vézère to its mountain bike trails, from the National Prehistory Museum to the Most Beautiful Villages in France from Saint-Léon, Limeuil or Saint-Amand de Coly, ... there's a surprise in store for you at every turn.

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