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Cultural 22 May 2024


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9h30 Centre Culturel, 24200 SARLAT-LA-CANEDA


Cultural Centre
Rue Gaubert

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The Desnonimo adventure began in 2017 while Louise Tossut was still a student at the Conservatoire des Landes. Working with children and committed to raising awareness of art in all its forms, the desire to put on a show for the very young came very naturally. The idea of drawing inspiration from the chantefables came just as spontaneously, a reminiscence of her childhood when her mother read Desnos' texts to her. Desnonimo is a gentle world of colourful animals. Animals from Robert Desnos' chantefables that come to us in surprising, sometimes amusing but often poetic ways.
A concert with a wide range of contemporary music styles, accessible from an early age, inviting you to dream, sing... and why not dance!

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