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Cultural 10 March 2024

La Pie qui dit

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10h30 Prehistory Interpretation Centre, 24620 LES EYZIES


Prehistory Interpretation Centre
30 rue du Moulin

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In Slovakia, it is said that whoever catches a magpie rewinds the thread of his life...
Today, it's decided, Anouchka wants to cross the Very Big Forest! Her parents tell her it's impossible, a lifetime wouldn't be enough...! Just before she sets off, her grandmother teaches her a funny song:
A feather here, a head there. Time flies, catches the Magpie...

We are back with the Cie Le Chat Perplexe a few years after : "Voyage d'un courant d'air" for a new creation that mixes traditional storytelling and object theatre.
Performed by actress Lucie Catsu, this show will give the little ones the chance to enjoy a little philosophical stroll about the essence (the senses) of life...
Dès 3 ans. Avec le soutien de l'OARA, office artistique de la Région Nouvelle Aquitaine et en partenariat avec le Pôle d'Interprétation de la Préhistoire. Réservation.

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