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Music 15 March 2024

Mes biens chères sœurs - Songs

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21h00 Salle Jean Macé, 24290 MONTIGNAC-LASCAUX


Jean Macé Hall
57 rue du quatre septembre

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Four sisters, travelling companions who dream of singing together, as they did when they were little, dream of knitting their memories into a cosy blanket for each of them to curl up in. A show conceived as a musical and storytelling ticket, a sweet ticket, a joyful and naive ticket, very naive but not that naive... A score for 5 voices and piano, light and nostalgic, joyful and whimsical, a soundtrack of women who remember the little girls they once were. A trip for everyone: those who knew the 60s and those who didn't!

With Anne, Joëlle, Agnès Garcenot, Isabelle Morelli, Eve Nuzzo


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