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Architecture : Perigord style

When you will arrive in Vezere valley, of course nature will blow you away but architecture too.

Few words about the Perigord architecture style ...

In this region, the stone is famous for its color, especially light. It's between white and ocher. Many companies works this stone to give the raw material to built houses like at Mauzens et Miremont which has a stone to his name : la Pierre de Mauzens.

The second thing which remember you that you're in Vezere valley is the roof.
Each house has a lauze roof. Lauze is a stone cut between 3 and 5 cm of thickness. It's heavy but so charming and you can see it also on "borie" : little shelter in fields to tidy up tools. Discover the tourist site : les cabanes du Breuil between Les Eyzies and Sarlat to know more about the construction.

Some of our partners have a perigord style guest house or location, enjoy it !

Church of Tayac ©ALR
Church of Tayac ©ALR