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Aubas • Dordogne

Holidays at Aubas by the tourist office of Dordogne-Perigord

Take the time to discover Aubas

Peaceful and charming village : into its center, a hundred-year-old plane tree gives shade to the small square.
Aubas can boast of having been able to keep his lock built for navigability on the Vézère. It has never been used because a railway line was built at the same time. It is thanks to several dams on all the Vézère that this one was always in water (remember that the Vézère was navigable until Limeuil before).
If all the other dams have been razed, Aubas keeps his own. First used as a mill and then as an electrical plant, so the village was electrified very early.
This hydraulic heritage and its environment are remarkable in Aubas. It is a marker of the landscape of this territory.

Outdoor activities in Aubas

In the square, the walker and the mountain biker will find the start of La Boucle des Châteaux, which allows you to discover the Château de Sauveboeuf, Louis XIII style, it rises on the banks of the Vézère.
Many architectural elements have allowed it to be classified as an historic monument. Mirabeau was exiled there.
L'Escaleyrou, panoramic point of view located on a steep cliff called "The End of the World", dominates the Valley of Vézère at Aubas. Upstream, we can admire the Castle of Petite Filolie and La Fleunie, downstream that of Sauveboeuf.
At the end of the hiking circuit, the path again dominates the Vézère and allows you to discover a magnificent landscape on Aubas center, the dam and the whole valley to Montignac.

From Prehistory to Renaissance style 

In the heart of the Périgord Noir, the Sauveboeuf Castle Museum is a magnificent 17th century French castle, its 14th century cellars hide a treasure: a museum of prehistory made up of an important private collection. Very beautiful pieces from the most famous sites:  Lascaux, La Madeleine, Cro-Magnon, la Ferrassie, ...  A prehistoric heritage well guarded by its passionate owner : Claude Douce.


enlightened Belvedere and orientation table on the Escaleyrou hillside

Point of view of l'Escaleyrou ©Myriam G.
Point of view of l'Escaleyrou ©Myriam G.