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Castles of Lascaux-Dordogne

Vèzère Valley

Castles and fortresses in Dordogne

Architectural treasures await you in the captivating setting of the Vézère Valley, in castles surrounded by legends and fortresses with the charm of romantic medieval ruins forgotten in the woodland. These marvels dot the landscape like sentinels, contributing to the impressive built heritage of the Périgord.The department of the Dordogne have been known as the Country of the 1001 castles. In Vézère valley, several castles such as the castles of Hautefort, Losse, Commarque have been restored to accommodate visitors and to make discover the charms of the medieval and Renaissance buildings.

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Château de Hautefort


Château de Losse


Château de Lacypierre


Donjon, Manoir et Jardin de la Salle


Château Escape Game de Marzac


Château de Commarque - Les mystères de la Forteresse oubliée