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Four Périgord


The Dordogne is divided into 4 Perigord areas, one for each season. It offers a wide variety of landscapes which makes walking a pleasure throughout the year.

The Périgord Blanc is the area around the Isle Valley named after the chalky rock, used for building, notably in the construction of the Byzantine cathedral in Périgueux. The capital, Périgueux was an important Roman city and some of the Roman infrastructure is still visible.

The Green Périgord covers the north of the department and includes the Périgord- Limousin Natural Regional Park. It is crossed by numerous streams and the many charming hamlets and villages make a point of welcoming visitors.

The Purple Périgord is to the south in the Dordogne valley around Bergerac known for its famous vineyards.The many bastides (fortified towns) give this area a specific character personified by the well known Alexandre Dumas hero, Cyrano de Bergerac.

The Black Périgord, which includes the Land of Cromagnon  has a particularly rich heritage. Around its capital Sarlat as well as along the two rivers which run through it, you will find impressive castles, renaissance manor houses together with outstanding pehistoric remains.

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Château de Hautefort ©ALR
Château de Hautefort ©ALR