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Happy Christmas Day !

Christmas will be sweety ...

Sweetness climate : yay!

I take this opportunity to travel on the roads of the valley without skating.

From Montignac to Le Bugue, by the D706, the classic way, to admire the beautiful cliffs that line the Vézère.
By more discreet roads: between Fanlac and Plazac to discover other little valleys with splendid views or between Fleurac and Manaurie, on the D31, to admire this private castle flooded with light, ...

And why not leave the car and enjoy the good weather by walking on foot.
I leave the church square at Rouffignac and follow the loop of Saint-Cernin.
Or I go to Saint-Chamassy and discover the Loop of Pech Melou (open air to appreciate and private castles to admire).

Tasty sweetness: yum!

I am lucky to find good local products, I enjoy it.

The farm of Bois Bareirou in Montignac or the Maison Albié in Les Eyzies de Tayac offer tasty products around goose and duck.
Top, my first plate is found: it will be foie gras.
And to continue, I really like a duck with honey (3 producers of honey are present on the valley, just that!)
Accompanied by homemade mashed with truffles of course.
Certainly, it is more digestible but I am long to arrive at dessert to enjoy THE cake with nuts. Yum!

Entre Fanlac et Plazac ©ALR
Entre Fanlac et Plazac ©ALR