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How to get around?

The valley is really interesting to explore but sometimes it's hard to travel...

Some informations to help you:


I went by train at Les Eyzies , what can I do ?

From the railway station, you have no public transport BUT you have got a lot things to do by foot ;-)  
Discover the city center, Abri Pataud, Museum of Prehistory, Interpretation center of prehistory, Grotte du Grand Roc (at 2km from the station), Abri Cro-Magnon next to the station, ...

The station is at 2km from Font de Gaume, no pavement at the end of the path and it's hard to visit it without booking in advance.

I went by train at Le Bugue , what can I do ?

The railway station is not inside the village. You have to book a taxi to join your accomodation, to visit the center or to discover the different sites (Aquarium, Le Bournat , Bara Bahau, Big Bird). It's not advice to walk because you're along the road. Be careful!

How to get to Montignac-Lascaux and what can I do by foot ?

The city has no railway station but you can arrive at Montignac by bus, if you come from Sarlat or Périgueux. Be careful, you have got only few buses. Click here to see the timetable. 
The stop bus is into the village center, so you can go by foot at Lascaux-Centre International d'Art Pariétal or discover the town thanks to the app "videoguidenouvelleaquitaine". Unfortunately, to visit Lascaux II or Le Regourdou, you need a vehicle. You haven't got public transport into the town. Call us to have a taxi list.

How to get to other villages in the valley ?

You can arrive at Aubas, Thonac or Saint-Léon sur Vézère by bus. It's only school buses so the timetable is particular and it works during scholar period. 
That's not possible to visit Le Thot or the castle of Losse by this way, they are too far from the stop. Nevertheless, to walk 10minutes from Saint-Léon center you can visit Le Conquil or take a canoe at APA base.

You can arrive at Peyzac le Moustier by bus. The same one that Aubas or Thonac. Look the timetable
That's possible to visit La Roque Saint-Christophe by foot from here, it's only 1km. You have to cross the D706, be caring, and climb a little to access to the site.

You can arrive at Rouffignac by bus, the school bus too! Click here for the timetable. It doesn't work during holidays. The stop bus is into the village where you have a Resistance memorial and the departure for hiking trails.
That's not possible to visit the Rouffignac cave by this way, it's at more or less 6kms from the village.

How to get to various sites of the valley ?

Without your own vehicle, for the moment it's hard to move to most of these sites. If you need a taxi, come into our tourist office, we have got a list and we can book it for you!

Unfortunately, we haven't got yet green road along the river, so to travel by bycicle, you have to take the same roads than vehicles. The D706 is the main road, it follows the river and most of sites are along it. If you prefer small roads, sometimes it's possible but you have to know that our region is composed of hills. In few month, a special map will show some circuits for bike. Some partners rent traditional or mountain bikes, call them: Canoë 24, Camping Le Paradis, Mini-golf at Montignac

If you have got mountain bikes, you can come into our tourist office, yes we have a special map for you. 

enlightened You can rent electric bikes in Montignac, Rouffignac, Les Eyzies and Le Bugue (Learn more).