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Biodiversity walk: Coly loop / Coly


Equestre, Pédestre, VTT


Nature (faune, flore)

Along the way, you'll pass by one of the "most beautiful villages in France": Saint-Amand-de-Coly.

Biodiversity walk: Coly loop / Coly

Distance : 4.9 km

Step 1

Leave the car park and turn right onto the Route du Gatinou, heading towards the church. Follow the sign for "Boucle sur le causse de Coly". Drive past the church, then turn left into Rue de la Brasserie. Ignore the first crossroads to find a second one on the Chemin du Claud Pouchoux.

Step 2

Continue straight ahead on the path until you reach a crossroads. Stay on the right-hand path until you reach the GR® 461.

Step 3

Turn right onto the GR® and follow it until you reach the road, keeping to the right at every junction. Bear right as far as Biat and return to the crossroads. Turn left and return to the town hall car park along the same route as the outward journey.

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