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Gorge d'Enfer loop 12 / Les Eyzies


Equestre, Pédestre, VTT


Nature (faune, flore)

This itinerary around Les Eyzies de Tayac allows you to get close to amazing places such as the Gorge d'Enfer valley, enjoy the cool undergrowth and take in the stunning views of the Eyzies cliffs.

Gorge d'Enfer loop 12 / Les Eyzies

Distance : 9.5 km

Step 1

Starting point "From the Vézère car park in Les Eyzies". Walk along the Vézère against the current, then cross the bridge using the footbridge. Turn left immediately after the bridge and take the path under the bridge. Continue upstream along the Vézère. Follow the RD47 as far as the Gorges d'Enfer valley, then cross it.

Step 2

Start climbing up this valley on the opposite side to the large Gorge D'Enfer shelter and the Abri du Poisson. When you reach the plateau, follow the road to the left before descending to the right along the old kaolin quarry path. You will notice the cartwheel marks in the rock. At the end of the wood fork left to reach the entrance to "La Bruyère". Just before the house at the entrance, head back down the valley on a small stone path, then follow the signs for Les Eyzies.

Step 3

After skirting the pond, follow the road for 300 m and take the footpath on the left. Pass through the hamlet of Peuch and its troglodyte houses, continue to Les Eymaries and take the tarmac road again, crossing the level crossing. Return to the village via the agricultural plain. Take in the beautiful views of the cliffs: Guilhem troglodytic church, Les Eyzies, the château and the National Prehistory Museum. Follow the path across the plain before reaching the bridge that will take you back to the Vézère promenade and car park.

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