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Orsinie loop 4 / Fanlac


Equestre, Pédestre, VTT


Nature (faune, flore)

A shady walk through the village of Fanlac in the footsteps of Jacquou Le Croquant...
A very pleasant walk that begins with a descent with a viewpoint, then a very rough ascent through shady undergrowth with pine trees... The crossing of this valley follows the GR36 linking the village to Montignac.

Orsinie loop 4 / Fanlac

Distance : 5.0 km

Step 1

From the signpost in the town hall car park, head up towards the centre of the village, then at the crossroads, head straight ahead between the well and the calvary. At the next crossroads, as you leave the village, continue straight ahead on an unpaved track. Opposite the church, take the track on the left between two houses. At the bottom of the hill, take the road on the right and cross the bridge. At the crossroads, take the track opposite which crosses the "Bois d'Amour" and leads to the "Chazal".

Step 2

Turn right towards Orsinie. Take the chalk path that plunges into the valley.

Step 3

Go straight on past the village of l'Orsinie, along the road for 20 metres and turn left, then take the "Jacquou" path that crosses the stream and heads up towards Fanlac through the woods to the fountain on your right. Keep going until you reach the Benoit cross at the end of the village. You have now reached the starting point.

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