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Boucle de Maillol n°12 / Thonac


Equestre, Pédestre, VTT


Nature (faune, flore)

A walk around the Thot Espace Cro-Magnon
The walk begins with a climb, the rest of the route is less difficult. The route leads through natural areas to two viewpoints and two hamlets.

Boucle de Maillol n°12 / Thonac

Distance : 9.0 km

Step 1

Starting point "Bourg de Thonac, salle des fêtes car park". Follow the signs for Fanlac. Continue to the crossroads of 5 tracks, 1.3km from the start of the circuit.

Step 2

Take the path on the right towards
"Maillol" and "Chabannes". After 600 metres, turn right and continue for 400 metres, then turn right again. Take the tarmac road at the hamlet of "Les Chabannes" on the left.

Step 3

Go through the hamlet of "Maillol" to reach
a T-junction near the "Thot CroMagnon". At the crossroads known as "Les 4 chemins", take the left-hand path and follow the road straight on for around 1700m. You will come to a crossroads. Take the first track on the left, which bends at a 90° angle. After walking for 1 km, you will come to a crow's-foot. Go straight ahead and then take the 1st turning on the left. After walking for 400m, you will come to a crossroads.

Step 4

Turn left and continue straight on for 2.3 km. You will pass through the hamlet of "Grigne" and come to a T-junction. Turn left and you will find the start of the circuit after 1.4km.

Step 5

Reach the village of Thonac.

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