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Saint Félix loop n° 29 /Saint-Félix-de-Reilhac


Equestre, Pédestre, VTT


Nature (faune, flore)

It's a pleasant walk that will give you a chance to discover the countryside in complete tranquillity and without any great difficulty.
Long version: 15 km, short: 8.4 km

Saint Félix loop n° 29 /Saint-Félix-de-Reilhac

Distance : 8.4 km

Step 1

Starting point Saint Félix de Reilhac "Opposite the town hall". Go past the church and follow the grassy path to the left. After the subway, turn right. When you reach the plateau, continue along the road and after about 400 metres, go straight on. Take the track on the right. When you reach the small road, turn left and then right onto the "La Castellenie" path.

Step 2

Go through the hamlet of "la Franval", then go straight on at the next junction.
There is a short version of the path, which you should turn left to follow. At the next junction, turn left. Continue along this road until you reach the main road.

Step 3

Cross the main road and take the path opposite. Keep straight on. After a 10-minute walk, take the left-hand path.
Cross the minor road to continue on the road opposite.

Step 4

At the crossroads - Les Pradets - on the map, turn left. After 500 metres, take the track on the left. When you reach the golf course, go straight on. A fence closes off this path. Open it by removing the hook on the left-hand post. Cross the golf course. You will find a second gate to go through using the same system. Continue straight ahead.

Step 5

Cross the main road, then turn left onto the minor road and, after 150 m, turn left. Go straight on and after 300 metres, take the path on the right and enter the wood opposite you. At the end of the path, turn right at the crossroads. After 5 minutes, turn right and then straight on at the next crossroads. Follow the signs to the small road.

Step 6

Turn left at the intersection. When you reach the small road, turn right and continue along this road. Before the railway bridge, take the path to the left and then to the right to pass under the subway at the start of the walk.

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