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Balcons du Sud looping route no. 20 / Les Farges


Equestre, Pédestre, VTT


Nature (faune, flore)

"Above the plain of Aubas and the Vézère...".
Sunny hillside.
An easy hike that illustrates the relief of the southern part of the commune of Les Farges. The plateau is sculpted into ridges, promontories and valleys leading down to the Vézère.

Balcons du Sud looping route no. 20 / Les Farges

Distance : 8.7 km

Step 1

Starting point "Mairie des Farges". Head towards the village centre in the direction of the church. Go through the village towards "le Monteyx". At the first crossroads, turn left towards "route de la Borie". Turn right towards "chemin des Orchidées" as far as the hamlet of "la Mijardie". Descend through the woods before you reach the hamlet.

Step 2

On leaving La Mijarde, make a sudden change of direction and head for the "côte des Farges". When you reach the D46 road, cross it and take the path opposite "les communaux". To the south, you can see the "Cheylard" hill with its houses, small castle and remains of a Romanesque church. As part of this walk, allow an extra 1km round trip to get there. At the end of the Chemin des Communaux, turn left. This is the start of a long descent from the plateau down to the plains of the Vézère through oak and hornbeam woods. You are close to Sauveboeuf castle, which can be seen from time to time.

Step 3

You have to go as far as "la Valade" before starting to climb back up to the plateau. This is a long path through woods, moorland and fields on the heights.

Step 4

The crossing of the Causse ends at Les Grézoux, where you have to cross the D46 to reach the village of Les Farges.

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