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Etangs de Coulonge looping route no. 18 / Montignac-Lascaux


Pédestre, VTT


Nature (faune, flore)

No doubt a source of inspiration to the writer Eugène Le Roy, this looping route winds, rises, strolls and descends again, past the château and the ponds of Coulonge. Panoramic views and glimpses of Montignac and the surrounding area await you. You'll be walking through typical Périgord countryside, with its lush meadows and thickets of chestnut trees.

Etangs de Coulonge looping route no. 18 / Montignac-Lascaux

Distance : 14.8 km

Step 1

Starting point: from the signpost at Place Bertran de Born, near the Montignac Tourist Office, head towards the town hall, cross the bridge, take the Rue de la Liberté opposite and turn left into Rue de Versailles. Continue straight on. As you leave Montignac, pass the crossroads and turn left after 300 metres.

Step 2

At the top of the hill, you can see the village of Les Farges. Take the track opposite for 50m, then take a grassy path at the bottom of the descent. Cross the stream, follow the signs at the bottom of the embankment and follow the path to the tarmac. Turn left at "Laroche", winding between the houses. At the top of the hill, turn right and follow the track straight on until you reach the tarmac. On the way down, you will see a dry-stone hut. Keep to the left until you see the "Coulonge" sign.

Step 3

Turn left, then right, and you will see the ponds on your right, a pretty undergrowth and a view of the Château de Coulonge. Take the median path to the right of the castle. Then walk along the pond on your right. At the fork in the road, turn right and then right again uphill. At the hamlet of La Manésie, turn left for a view of Château de Coulonge and the village of Les Farges.

Step 4

When you reach the road, turn left. At the crossroads, head towards Montignac for 600 metres, then take the path on the right. Stay on the main track as it descends. You will find the tarmac road again. After 500 metres leave the tarmac and take the GR461 on the left as far as Rue Général Foy. You will have a view of the Château de Puy Robert and the valley. At the end of Rue Général Foy, turn right down Rue de la Liberté and cross the bridge. This will take you back to the starting point.

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