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Boucle des Mammouths n° 31 / Rouffignac


Equestre, Pédestre, VTT


Nature (faune, flore)

A short, pleasant walk to warm up and discover a pretty view of the village of Rouffignac.

Boucle des Mammouths n° 31 / Rouffignac

Distance : 3.0 km

Step 1

From the Tourist Office, this loop starts 2 km from the town centre in the direction of Le Bugue and Grotte de Rouffignac. Start by taking the small road on the right just after the garage at the chalk track. Go up the hill, then straight on.

Step 2

Turn left onto the road and left again. Then right before the main road. Follow the "boucle des Mammouths" sign. Follow this road for approximately 200m, then turn right following the green signs. At the crossroads, go straight ahead "boucle des mammouths", cross the small road and continue straight ahead in the meadow. At the crossroads, turn right - you can go as far as the Rouffignac cave by following the path straight ahead. Continue to the small road and turn left at the crossroads. After 300 metres, turn right towards "Le Verdier".

Step 3

After 300 metres, turn right towards "Le Verdier" and then right onto the track to go around the field. After the wood, turn right onto the path. You will come to the intersection with the link to the village. Turn left into the village.

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