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Loop of the Chateau de la Filolie n° 30 / Coly-Saint Amand


Equestre, Pédestre, VTT


Historique, Nature (faune, flore)

"In a bucolic setting surrounded by greenery".
It's a magnificent private castle surrounded by lush green pastures. You'll pass through small cultivated valleys, mostly wooded paths and fully restored villages. You'll be able to enjoy some magnificent views.

Loop of the Chateau de la Filolie n° 30 / Coly-Saint Amand

Distance : 16.0 km

Step 1

Start: from the signpost in the municipal car park opposite the village, head towards "Malénies" and "Manardel" on the Montignac road. After 500m, just after the cemetery, take the steep left-hand path.
Turn right towards the cemetery, then at the corner of the cemetery wall, take a path lined with low drystone walls to reach a meadow.
Turn right around the "Malénies" campsite onto the tarmac Saint-Laurent road. Join the walnut grove.

Step 2

Take the track on the right. Go down the valley, through a wood of large oak trees and continue along the fields until you reach the D704 (Sarlat-Montignac).

Step 3

Follow it and cross it, to take the road to Château de la Filolie on the left. It passes under an old railway bridge and runs alongside a small stream. Go straight ahead. Cross over to the left in the middle of the valley, leaving the driveway leading to the château on your left. Turn right, then left on an uphill path that leads to a chalk track. On the right is an imposing dry-stone hut. Leave the descent towards the château on your left and climb up to the plateau. Follow the signs to the RD704 at "Chapelle Aubareil".

Step 4

Turn left and cross the road at the stele. Go through the chestnut woods, down the tarmac road for 200 metres and turn left at the road leading down to the village of "Vialard". After a few dozen metres, turn left onto the road, then right onto the steeply sloping track that leads to the village of "Tirondel". Follow the signs. Go deep into the oak and hornbeam woods to climb back up to the village of Leymarie. Cross the D704 again.

Step 5

When you reach the main road, drive alongside it, then turn right on the GR461 towards "Claveillère", follow the valley up a stony track. Cross the road towards "Genèbre". When you reach "Génèbre", go down a path lined with boxwood. Note a cross whose base bears the date of the Holy Year 1900 (crosses of this type and boxwood plantations lined the route of the processions leading to the Abbey). Continue to the starting point.

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